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Welcome to Light Source Supplies - the leading supplier of specialist lamps online.
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Light Source Supplies are specialist lamps suppliers to healthcare, industry and the general public; we have 20 years experience, a vast range, competitive prices,  and fast delivery to UK and Europe. 

We supply every type of bulb including:
airfield, Aldis signal, ANSI, auto, bayonet, BC3, blacklight, buoy, bicycle, candelabra, capless, capsule, carbon filament, CDM, CID, compact fluorescent, compass, CP class, CSI,  curing, darkroom, daylight, dental, display low voltage, Edison, exciter, F class, festoon, fibre optic, floodlight, fluorescent tube, forklift, G class, germicidal, GLS low voltage, golfball, halogen, Hanaulux, HBO, Heine, HMD, HMI, HMP, HOK, HPA, HPL, HPM, HQI, HSD, HSR, HTI, indicator, infra red, Krypton, lighthouse,  low voltage dichroic display, low voltage halogen capsule, LED, marine, medical, mercury, mes, metal halide, MHD, MHR, micro discharge, micrographic, microprojection class M, microscope, motorcycle, operating theatre, optical, Osram, oven, PAR, P class, photographic, pilot, precision filament, printing, projection class A, projection class M, pygmy, quartz infra red, rough service, sbc, scc, scooter, searchlight, ses, sewing machine, short arc mercury, sodium, sodium xenon, SON, spectral, studio, sub miniature, telephone, theatre, torch, traffic signal, ultra violet, USH, VIP, Welch Allyn, XBO, X-ray, xenon short arc.
Plus any other type of lamp you may require including  operating theatre lamps and replacement lamps. Just call us on 01279 600700.