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General Bulb Search
Type, reference or volts(V), Watts(W), etc.


 Bayonet lamps are measured across the base and generally come in the following sizes:


                     7mm            Ba7s              
                     9mm            Ba9s           Miniature Centre Contact (MCC)
                   15mm            Ba15s         Small Centre Contact SCC (single contact on bottom)
                   15mm            Ba15d         Small Bayonet Cap (with double contact on bottom)
                   22mm            B22d           Bayonet Cap (BC) 
For example… 
If the bulb you are replacing is say: 12 volt, 30 watt has a Bayonet base like the photo above, has double contacts on the bottom and is 15mm wide, it would be a:
12V 30W Ba15d
Different Bayonet Lamp shapes
Now you have established the base type and size, look at the following photos to see which most resembles your lamp, then click on the image to see what's available. If you cannot find your exact requirements, please telephone our friendly sales team on 01279 600700 and they will be happy to locate it from our non-online stock or through one of our subsidiary companies. 

A-Shape  G-Shape Tubular Flat Top  Pygmy
         NONE OF 


Miniature Click Here!











Unfortunately the search has not found the product that you are looking for, but do not despair, we probably have it listed under a different reference.

Please call our sales team on 01279 600700 who will be able find what you require and even complete your purchase over the phone.